Services & Facilities

We understand that logistics has become a crucial element towards  ensuring a smooth flow of product distribution across the supply chain

Land Transportation

With a fairly large armada of trucks owned, we are able to track these vehicles movements in real time, making land transportation accommodated by WINDU reliable and efficient if customers need this method of transport.

Maritime Shipping

Maritime Shipping is one of Windu’s trademark services, with support of other major shipping companies in Indonesia, shipping by sea is one of the Prima Donnas for WINDU Customers.

Warehouse & 3PL

Our Warehouses is one of the services that WINDU provides that are able to meet the needs of WINDU Customers, due to the frequent occurrence of issues regarding the availability of other existing warehouse space. As we have the ability to manage and own the warehouses as 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), we are able to provide services for the needs of Businesses in the region.

Air Transportation

Speed is an important and necessary factor in the logistics process so that the production process itself is not hampered. To answer these challenges, WINDU also offers air transportation for products so that distance and time are no longer a large issue for our customers who need delivery on a very tight schedule.

Export & Import

Some companies have their supply chain in different geographical regions, therefore to maintain smooth supplies from outside Indonesia, WINDU also offers Export Import services to ensure the needs of domestic businesses so that they may continue to run supplies normally, supplies imported from outside Indonesia.